Dedication to a great humanitian

Do you what to know one way to tell a real Christian missionary?  A real missionary is of the greatest servants of God because he or she risks their own lives for the sake of the poor and needy!

The greatest missionaries are the ones who risks their life for the sack of others. The greatest humanitarians are the ones who travel the world to help the sick and suffering people in Asia, Africa , and Middle East.

The Greatest missionary is the ones that in spite of comfort, still is able to minister to the needy and help them know of God's Love! Please met Sister Sherry Dempsey of the world's great humanitariansthe world has ever known!

 Sherry Dempsey in Uganda

                                             Sherry ministering to one of the needy kids
                                               Inspiring the children to enjoy life in Uganda
                                                           Sherry Dempsey in Uganda
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