I felt like dying!

"I want to die! I want to commit suicide! I want to kill myself! I do not want to live anymore!" I said to myself while sitting in the county jail.

My darkest hour came when I went to jail then prison.  I lost all hope, despair filed my heart. My darkest hour was when I didn't have anything to live for. But when I was at my lowest point, the Lord came and delivered me from despair!

"The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart
 and saves such as have a contrite spirit" Psalms 34:18

The Lord delivered me from my darkest hour. When I didn't have anyone to call on for comfort me, when no one provided a encouraging word, when I felt like I didn't have a reason to live anymore-- God came and gave hope and a reason to continue forward!

The Darkest Hour

O Lord, my pain is more than I can bear,
I pray You will answer this special prayer…
It’s so difficult having to bear life alone,
Lord, please give me a good reason to continue fighting on…

"Behold, when it appears all hope is lost
and things are going wrong,
just remember, I shall never forsake
nor leave you alone.
I shall surely bless you with strength
and give you the power,
I declare, it shall help you overcome
your Darkest Hour”

Read A Great Vision

Tim Gillam

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