It's not easy being in prison

It’s not easy being in prison. It’s not easy sitting in a cold jail cell. It’s not easy being locked up. It's not easy losing your freedom. But I do know the Lord can deliver the captives because He delivered me!

I know it’s Not Easy

Though I can't feel
the great burden you bear,
it doesn't mean
  I do not care…

I know it's not easy
sitting alone in a cell,
 I know it’s not easy
when there’s no mail…

I know it’s not easy when
you can’t cook your own meal,
only God knows just how
 bad you must feel…

But just remember you will
always have a friend in me,
I’m praying to the Lord that
He will soon set you free!

I am personally very sorry 
about your loved one being in prison. I was once in prison
and know personally how difficult it is. 
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Minister Tim Gillam,
Inspirational Specialist

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“When I was in prison you visited me

Matthew 25:35-40

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