Life can be a Living Hell!

Life can be like a living hell! Life can be full of pain and hardships. Life can be full of grief and sorrow. Life can be full of doubt and fear. But do not despair, God gives us hope!

Life can be a Living Hell!

If life is a test, I have completely failed,
poor decisions caused my life to be a living hell.
I try hard to maintain strength, 
but I still wipe away tears,
I have endured great hardship all of my years,
God knows I do not desire to be here,
If God is punishing me, 
the punishment is much too severe.
I have made many mistakes, 
and I sincerely regret my wrong,
Though I’m enduring great hardship,
 I have to stay strong.
I have no family, friends, 
or any place to turn,
I have no one to care or show they are concerned.
My burden is much too heavy for some,
But I believe by faith that I will overcome!
Keep me in prayer!

Tim Gillam

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