Make a pledge to God Today!

I pledge allegiance to God! I pledge I will help feed a homeless person or anyone who has been abandon and forsaken by society. I will not forsake the poor and needy and those who lacks daily necessities. I pledge that I not turn my head to those in need for help!
 Please make a pledge to God!


Make a pledge today with God! Pledge that you will not turn your head from those in need. Pledge to God that you will visit the sick. Pledge to God that you will feed the hungry. Please pledge to God that you help comfort the brokenhearted and donate your time for Him today!


                                        An Appointed Time

Once upon a time, but not long ago,
 I was homeless on the streets with no place to go.
I was without food and shelter and was completely broke.
 I applied for all types of jobs but they took my applications as a joke. Just common necessities were the thing I lacked,
I asked for assistance but many turned their back.
I got very discouraged and my hope died,
 I asked the Lord: “why are my prayers being denied?”
 “Lord, have You abandoned me to battle my problems on my own?”
 “Have You cursed me, O Lord, for all the things I have done wrong?”
Despair became my best friend, my life was at its’ worst,
 but in spite of my hardships I still kept God first…

 “O Lord, foxes have holes and birds have nests
but I don’t have any place that I can relax and rest.
 My heart has become filled with resentment and hate.
 I’m in total despair, my problems have become too great!”

“Behold are thy problems too difficult to be fixed by the Lord?
 I shall slay thy problems with the edge of My sword!
 I shall increase thy faith this very day,
and make thy problems and despair  go away.
 Thou faith is increasing more and more,
These words shall help you endure.
 At an appointed time I shall bless you with an estate,
I assure you that it will not be a very long wait.
I shall remove your hardships, and joy shall be replaced, 
You shall be so blessed that a smile will never leave your face!”

Genesis 18:10-14, Deuteronomy 8:17-20, I Samuel 1:16-28, Jeremiah 32:27
                                           Please Donate today!
By: Tim Gillam,
Inspirational specialist

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