Sister Poem

This sister’s poem is about the precious relationship that sisters share. This poem is not only for a biological sister, it also for my sisters in the Lord! I pray that this poem comforts your heart!


Sisters are like butterflies
They start off as something not so pretty.
But when they grow up,
they become beautiful and fly away…

Sister’s relationships are also like flowers,
the flower begins as a tiny bud then
blooms and blossoms into
Something so beautiful!

lf one of the pedals get bruised
and you don’t take care of the plant,
it will wither and die.

Sister’s relationships will also fade away
if you are not careful!
May our loving hearts forgive our sisters
for what they may have said or done wrong.
And may we ask the Lord above for His help
in doing what’s right in His sight!

By: Sister Ursula Felton

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