We can create a listing for your ministry

Would you like to know how to share your skills, expertise, and talent with the world? If so, I would like to offer you a proven way to promote your church or ministry on the internet inexpensively. 

We can create and design a webpage promoting your business/ministry online. We can create ‘key words’ so that you will be found on Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines.  

 We can create an online profile for your business. 
 We will create and publish listings of your business on Yahoo and Google .
 We will also create a Facebook page for your business!
 We can offer you a very inexpensive way to market your services on the internet today!

We will create your own webpage and publish it on our blog. You will receive your own views (hits) to your page. We will provide you with a monthly report of the number of hits your page received. We will also update and edit content free for the lifetime!  We can also create a Facebook page to promote to help promote your services.

This package is only $399.99!  Pay only $109.99 down to get started today! Administrating fees $35.00 per month.

Tim Gillam
313-986-5230 cell
313-525-4881 office


This is a great opportunity of showing the world what God is doing for you! 

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