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Giving a donation to prison ministry shows your compassionate heart. Giving money to help the needy is a great tithe and offering to God. Giving money to help do the service of God shows a great act of kindness for humanity.  

Hello! My name is Tim, I’m the president of Someone Cares Ministry. I’m pleased to present a word about our ministry.  We overcame great challenges during the past year. But we are happy and pleased to announce that we made it through! With hard work we are looking forward in accomplishing more this year. Our goal is to help anyone in need of basic necessities weather a person is an ex-prisoner or not. Our goal is also to provide resources to the needy. 

We are asking for your support. Your support helps us to buy postage to send encouraging letters and cards to inmates. Your support helps us to operate and carry out community functions. Your support provides us with the necessary resources to help all who are in need. Your support helps us to continue caring out the work for the Lord!
I am personally very sorry 
about your loved one being in prison. I was once in prison
and know personally how difficult it is. 
Please support God's Forgotten Ministries by 
purchasing my prison poetry booklet for only $5.00
Thank you for your support!

Minister Tim Gillam,
Inspirational Specialist

Any Donation will help a needy family

“When I was in prison you visited me
Matthew 25:35-40

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