Poem about Atonement

This is a Christian poem by inmate Betty Jo Mings. This poem is about God's atonement through Jesus Christ. I pray this poem comforts your heart.

Atonement's Costly Price

The twelve who followed Jesus didn't really know
When Jesus knelt and washed their feet before He died,
That soon they would be washed completely in the blood
Which flowed on dark Golgotha from His wounded side.

The bitter cup of sorrow by His choice He drank,
To pay the awful penalty of sin's demand.
And only when He rose triumphant from the grave,
And conquered death forever did they understand.

And still today men scoff, and fail to comprehend
Atonement's costly price -- salvation's simple plan.
They follow vain philosophies with blinded eyes,
And scorn the God who came to earth to ransom man.

But those who bear His Name can share communion's cup;
A symbol of the precious blood He freely gave
As sacrifice, so all who choose to come and drink
Will be made whole, and never need to fear the grave.

by Betty Jo Mings

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