Friends of Jesus Ministries

Orphanage in Niairrobi Kenya needs donations for ministry. Friends of Jesus Ministries in Kenya needs supplies for children, elderly, and sick.

Dear Brothers and Sisters
My name is Pastor Mike Igunza. Please allow me share a short testimony with you. I was born and raised in Niarba, Kenya. I received the lord Jesus Christ in 1990 after realizing that I was a sinner and needed Jesus Christ as a savior. Romans 3:23 and Romans 6: 23.
I am happily married to Matroba Igunza. God has blessed us with four children. Brian, Victor, Faith, and Mercy.
 I am enjoying working for the Lord. I do it  with all my heart,  soul, strength and mind.  We have a school and orphanage called:  Shiners Children`s Center Catering. The Lord Jesus called me in His service  for orphan children who are vulnerable here in Kenya.

I love ministry work, I have visited the East Africa Countries for Crusades. Jesus has been healing, setting free the demonic, oppressed, and people are receiving Jesus Christ as lord and savior!

We are painstakingly trying to get donors to help us with this great work the Lord is having us do here in Kenya. I need your partnership in this work. We are praying God opens your heart today and help us with a small donation.
Thank you!

Pastor Mike

Pastor Michael Igunza Ovotegah
P.O. BOX 426  00202 KNH
Nairob,  Kenya
Telephone  +254 0721 404 282


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