Jesus of Mighty Power!

Jesus came with eternal mighty power! Jesus came and completely crushed the Devil's head by being obedient to death to the cross!
Jesus said with confidence, "I lay down My life on My own accord."
The Devil had no hold on the eternal Son. Jesus Christ came to destroy the works of the Devil and He did by laying down His life for His people.

Jesus Christ is no flimsy Savior. He is called THE LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH. He calls Himself the great I AM. The Life came and utterly demolished death and the grave by rising from the grave.

Jesus is mighty to save and God has given Him the name ABOVE ALL NAMES. God has set Him at His right hand where Christ reigns over all thing in Heaven, under Heaven, on the earth and under the earth!

He is no flimsy King!
The Lord reigns with mighty power! He holds together all things in the universe by the power of His command! His glory, the fallen angel Lucifer has NO power over us! By the brightness of His second coming, He will utterly destroy the anti-Christ by the breath of His mouth. Jesus came once meek and lowly through His incarnation and saved His people being the wrath-bearer.

Jesus withstood the weight of His Father's eternal hatred toward our sins.
He was crushed...He was crushed by God's holy WRATH! This is the Jesus of the Bible! Not this weak and buddy-buddy Jesus this ungodly culture portrays Him to be.

Jesus will come with glory so great, those who loved His appearing will go into eternal glory with Him into everlasting life, but...the one's who scorned Him and rejected His sacred blood, they scream out to the rocks of the mountains to fall on them so they won't have to face the wrath of the Lamb that is about to come.

We have a terrifyingly mighty Savior as much as He's glorious.
This is Jesus Christ revealed in Scripture. This is the One whom saved us.
One mighty to save in POWER!
This is the One "who was, who is, and is to come...the Almighty"
He is not to be treated lightly. He is either your all or He's not.
He is either Your entire life or He is not.

He is worthy! He is worthy! all of Heaven bows before this risen Christ, who is before all things and worship Him forever!

‘O Lord.........have mercy on us,
Lead us into the way everlasting.
We reverence You....
Give us the strength to behold Your glory
the Day we see You as You are...
In Your mighty name,

Arthur unknown

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