Open Heart Ophanage

Open Heart Orphanage is in Uganda Buganda, near the Capital city Kampala in Mityana Town. We believe  in the faithful name of Jesus Christ the son of the almighty God. We are a nonprofit church that ministers to the needy as Jesus commanded.

Dear Friend

Hello My name is Pastor Hassan Mubiru.  Please allow me to share with you the current situation in our ministry that requires your prayer attention, advice, encouragement and every contribution.

We got a loan of $21,000 from one friend last year as the place we were renting as a school for our orphaned kids was sold by its owner and we had nowhere to go so this friend gave us a loan at 0% interest.
We would not have taken this loan but  our ministry needed supplies. We cannot afford pay for the activities going on feeding the kids daily, spreading the gospel and pay this amount. But we hope you will be a friend and support this ministry monthly. We need you to stand with us and help us pay this debt. Unfortunately, we have not found many willing souls.  
We were supposed to pay the whole amount of $21,000 by 31st May 2013, but that was impossible. We were unable to come up with such a huge amount, but I believe in the faithfulness of God that our prayers will produce the funds. Any contribution can make a real difference, I humbly request you to read more about this small challenge which our God is more than able to meet on the link below:
I ask you to share this with your church, your prayer group and your friends
If you have any question or advice and want to share an encouraging word or if God has spoken something to your heart concerning this situation please contact me at:
God bless you!

In Christ’s Majestic Service Pastor Hassan Mubiru
Disciples Christian Fellowship Church
P.O.BOX 117 Mityana Uganda-East Africa
Tel: +256712338731, +256753338731

Matthew 28:19 “therefore go and make disciples of all nations”

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