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Mercy outreach prison ministry was launched in 2005. We offer outreach programs.  We also offer prayer support, encouragement through personal letters,  and spiritual growth. We provide Bible studies, gospel tracts, and match up inmates and volunteers to become pen pals for companionship, mentoring, and friendship. 

Recently, we started a monthly newsletter designed with the hopes of providing inmates AND their families and friends support, encouragement, and spiritual food for them to grow on. In the coming months, we have plans to become active in doing prison visitations, offering face to face visits! As God leads and opens doors, we hope to start active Bible studies and prayer groups within the prisons we visit.
People donate Bibles to us from time to time and when we hear of someone needing a Bible we do mail Bibles to inmates, their families or friends.

We are always looking for volunteers to write to inmates. We DO have a questionnaire we require volunteers to fill out so we can match inmates and potential pen pals based on the needs. All volunteers must be 20 or older and we have guidelines we ask to be followed for everyone’s benefits.

This pretty much covers our prison outreach at this time. If I think of anything else I’ll let you know. Please contact us at:

                                  Mercy Outreach Ministry
                                        10991 HWY 184
Bronson, Texas 75930
Email: ladyhrtlovesu@aol.com

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