Prison brutality must stop!

No person is sentenced to be physically and psychologically mistreated while imprisoned. No human being is sentenced to be beaten, starved, denied medical treatment or murdered. Yet, all too often that is the true and prevalent conditions of incarceration in the U.S.

keep in mind that a significant percentage of those people are imprisoned for a non-violent offense and they will return to live in society.
What would possess correctional officers at the Georgia State Prison to reportedly beat an inmate with hammers in return for his peaceful protest – of conditions at the prison? Does any living being deserve this treatment? Does anyone deserve to die a slow and painful death due to structured and intentional medical neglect for the purpose of reducing a prison’s expenses? Does anyone deserve to have their heart painfully broken as they watch their loved one suffer as they plead with prison officials for legitimate medical care for a treatable condition before it festers into a life threatening or debilitating condition? Poor medical care is the rule and not the exception to the rule. Prisoners need to be provided adequate medical care because unlike people in the free-world they have no option to the care they are provided. The deprivation of legitimate medical care is not part of a prisoner’s sentence. Every life is equal as it is precious.

To bring change, it takes a village and we at the Inmate Letter Campaign (ILC) are asking for the support of all prisoner activists and prisoner groups to make a difference. A starved, beaten or dying prisoner may not personally affect you, but we ask that you consider the impact that we could have in numbers. The prison brings out its hammers because it does not expect anyone to care about the life of a prisoner. We need to show them, in our loudest of voices, that we DO care. Will you help us?
How Can You Help?

ILC advocates on behalf of prisoners who have a documented case of serious medical neglect. You can help by emailing, faxing, and snail-mailing letters to state and federal officials stating that you oppose the abuse and poor medical care that is being imposed on a prisoner that ILC provides information about. We can accomplish our mission much faster if we have everyone's help. Our cause is very important. If 100 people contacted officials on behalf of a prisoner can you imagine the impact that can have? It makes for changes in the prisons. We are empowered and together we can accomplish what some say is impossible.

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