Revival Prayer Fellowship in India

12 small villages in Tanuku (Andhra Pradesh, India) need support. Clothes, money, and health supplies needed for the poor in Tanuku Mandal.

 Dear Friend,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My name is Pastor Hareth B Mallipudi. I would like to share with you what we are doing in India.

We are doing Village evangelism every month as "Reach out and Touch". Over 11 years we have been trying to reach the lost. We have planted as many as 65 churches in different parts of A P, India.  I started a church ministry in a newly built colony in a Tanuku town in 1988 April, 10.

we sent 29 Pastors from our church to different parts of A P, India for a revival and many were saved! The converts got practical training and received the Holy Spirit. God saved them and sent them out in ministry.

We publish a monthly magazine called: "Viswasame Vijayam ". But now we are finding it too difficult to publish due to our financial problems. One of the greatest burdens is construction of our main Church in Tanuku. Many have been blessed at this church and by our publication. We are praying to continue to publishing it with donations.

I, Pastor Hareth B Mallipudi, humbly request that you kindly help us here. We have needy children that needs food, clothing, and health supplies. I ask for your compassion by helping us with a small  monetary contribution.  All donations are welcome and will be highly appreciated. May God bless you for your support and generosity?

Since December 2010 we have started to preach in our local TV. Through this we are able to reach hundreds and thousands of people.

We started "Agape Children Home" in 2008. It’s for the orphans and semi orphans in our churches.
Every month all our 65 Pastors and elders gather in Tanuku for Two days for learning and praying for the ministry.
We started REVIVAL BIBLE INSTITUTE & COLLEGE. Now 35 students are studying. Please pray and connect us with other Bible college for affiliation. please pray.
We want to reach many more effectively in coming days. For doing so we need your upholding prayers. Please pray for my health, Travel, Financial conditions and for His providence.

Thank you for your precious time. If you have any inquiries, or wish to know more details about our ministry, please feel free to contact us via email You can also call us on +91957 - 319-7362.

Yours in His amazing grace,
Pastor Hareth B Mallipudi,

Pastor Hareth B Mallipudi
Agape Children Home,
270, A P H B Colony, Tanuku – 534 211,
A. P, India.

 Please continue to pray for us. We are praying for you!

Yours in His amazing grace,
Pastor Hareth B Mallipudi.

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