Running on Empty Poem

Are you running on empty? Are you ready to give up? Are you tired of struggle and hardship? Do you ever feel what is the use of living? If so, I would like to share an inspirational spiritual poem called "Are You Running On Empty". I pray it encourages your heart!

Are you running on Empty?

Are you running on empty my child?
Are you wand'ring alone in the night?
Are you searching for something you can't even name?
Is your soul about to take flight?

Does day follow meaningless day,
While leaving you unfulfilled?
Do dark clouds cover the sun up above
Leaving you lonely and chilled?

Do you ask yourself, What is the use
Of living a life that's a lie?
Do you stand in the shadows of apathy and pain
While life just keeps passing you by?

Come back to the light, my child!
Let Me fill your heart once again
With gladness and hope so with life you can cope,
Won't you let Me once more be your friend?

I have seen you struggle each day,
Through it all I have stayed by your side;
I have waited and watched for you to reach out,
I have gathered your tears as you cried.

Are you running on empty my child?
Are you wand'ring alone in the night?
Reach out, take My hand, let Me walk by your side
And lead you once more to the light.

~Linda Newman

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