The best way to invest money

Are you looking for the best way to invest money? Are you looking for a safe risk free way to increase wealth?  You can increase your wealth by giving to the needy! God will honor your giving and restore what you give to the needy.


O Lord, there’s so many poor who are suffering to death,
I cannot help them because I have nothing myself.
The rate of people who are struggling are at a record high,
Many have lost hope and their faith die!
Lord I have nothing- -no job, car, or home,
So I understand about struggling, I’m here all alone.
Lord, I ask You is the whole world in a recession?
Why O lord, are you allowing the righteous to endure so much oppression?
My hardships are sometimes more than I can bear,
My heart cries out but there is no one can hear!
My heart is heavy it feels like I’m dying from grief,
I pray You, O Lord, compassion and send financial relief…

“Indeed, there are perilous times from east to west,
man’s great rebellion put the world in this mess.
Witnessing all these things, thou should know,
that I prophesied of this many years ago.
I said there shall be great sorrow and grief in the last days,
the world became this way because of man’s evil ways.
Indeed, there is a great sorrow east, north, west, and south,
To see all these things leaves a bitter taste in My mouth.
As I live, I have desired to reject this evil generation,
Because on earth all I see are evil abominations.
They are like wild animals that have gone astray;
Sin is why the world is in this mess today.
I, even I, bear witness to Myself,
that I will not allow My people to suffer to death.
I shall do this because of My love for man,
But this only applies to the faithfully who follows My command…
Feed the hungry give them bread and food to eat,
Buy the needy shoes and watch them rejoice on their feet!”

Ezekiel 18;21, Jeremiah 9:25, 15:7, 17:7, 21:6-8, 22:8-9, Deut 28:1-20, Luke 16:15, Psalm 12 John 7;7 Colossian 3:4-6

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