Your falling tears

The Lord see you are hurting, He sees your falling tears. He sees your grief and pain and he is able to make your heart brand new!


Your Falling Tears

I see the way you're hurting,
and I see your falling tears,
And know that you are seeking answers
 for your doubts and fears.

My heart is aching just to know
the pain you're going through,
But I have found a precious Friend
Who offers hope to you.

He is my loving Jesus Who has
loved you from your birth,
He is the Great Creator
of the Heavens and the earth.

He wants to be your Savior,
and cleanse your heart from sin;
 He will give forgiveness
if you'll just invite Him in.

He'll give you peace and comfort
that the world can never give,
And He will not forsake you
for as long as you shall live.

 when these fleeting days of life
on earth shall be no more,
He has a home prepared for
His saints on Heaven's shining shore.

I pray that you'll accept His Gift of Grace,
he wants to give to you,
And find the answers that you seek,
with heart that is brand new!

by Betty Jo Mings

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