Bethel Church in Haiti needs support

Bethel Church of God in Haiti. Christian church in the Dominican Republic needs sponsors! Ministry in Haiti needs prayers and donations!

                           Blessing the lord for you all!

May I greet you in the Holy name of our Lord Jesus Christ!
My name is Pastor Desamours Elma. I have small church in Haiti. I am doing the work of our Lord Jesus Christ in Haiti and  the Dominican Republic.

I would like to speak to you briefly about our urgent needs here, and would like to invite you here to help us build the kingdom of God in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

We are without any funding and without daily necessities. We  do not receive support from any churches in USA, Russia, Europe, etc…

We need your support to survive here. We need your help to advance God’s ministry here in Haiti. No one has come to visit us to offer support. We have not received any support from the many churches we contacted in the United States or any other countries around the world. It appears no one is interested in the Lord’s ministry here.

I humbly ask and beg you to please support us with a small financial blessing. These are just a few of our immediate needs here:

Need prayer
Need church building
Need funds to pay bills
Need school and center for over 700 children
Need center for orphans
Need food and clothing

We are doing the work of the Lord here and in dire need of help! I ask you to please pray for us! Please ask your pastor, friend, neighbor to help us! I appreciate your prayers and help!

We await a positive response to our urgent needs.  For the love of God please help us!


Rev. Pastor Desamours Elma
Bethel Church of God, Inc.
Haiti and The Dominican Republic

tel: 1+809 758 0962 011+8097580962
visit our website:

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