Christian Ministry in India needs Support

Christian ministry in India provides care for the poor and needy, but social service program lacks funding and in danger of closing services that  provides food, shelter, and medicine for the sick in small villages.

Dear beloved in Christ,

Greetings! My name is Pastor Rao. I would like to share a word with  you about the Majestic name of our  Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

It is a privilege and honor for us to come together in this manner.  We are servants of God. I am a pastor and social worker here in India. I  thank you accordingly, with pleasure and  humbleness for taking a few minutes to read my dire request.

Our Ministry social services for the poor and destitute people are very concerning. For last 18 years, We have been providing humanitarian services here in India. We are limited with resources here and  we are asking saints to help us with our expenses.  Your offering and contributions is truly a blessing to the poor and needy here in India.

Moreover, our financial resources are very limited. We have no  connections with any church organizations. We are an independent ministry that survives solely on faith! We provide the following social services for the poor and needy here
Free Medical camps

Free Clothes distribution

Services for the fire victims

Free Food

When natural calamities happen such are Tsunami, Cyclones and Floods take place, we swing into action and accordingly.  We also provide  Relief and Rehabilitation for the victims. We provide food packets, loaves, Fruits, rice, clothes distributions, and medicines

We also provide social services for the poor and destitute children in the form of providing free food, clothes distribution, education and necessary medical care for six years at our headquarters in Tsundur village. As of now, as our financial resources are very bleak, consequently, at present, we are not able to provide the basic amenities for the poor children in a full-fledged manner. We are  extended our services for the poor children in accordance with our limited resources.

If God provides us an opportunity and sufficient resources, we are looking to build our own orphanage here called "COMPASSIONATE CHILDREN HOME". Our humble request is for you to consider helping us.
We also provide the following services for the poor elderly here.  we have provided monthly pensions for the old aged widows. We have provide free food serving for our senior citizens, widows, and physically handicapped.  We used to provide necessary medicines and seeds for the HIV/AIDS inflicted and effected people, but unfortunately, we have not been able to lately due to no funding.

Beloved saints, we humbly ask for your help! We ask you to support our ministry here in India. Our ministry services cannot serve without the help of caring people. We are continually praying that the lord opens your heart today!

We look forward for your further the most valuable, optimistic and fruitful response with hopefully and prayerfully.

With much love in Christ Jesus,

Pastor Rama Rao M
Need Ministries and Charitable Organization
sunduru  Po, Mdl
Guntur  District,
Andhra Pradesh State,

Pin: 522 318

Mobile: 944 10 77674

 Tenali (తెనాలి), is a town and a mandal in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh, South India. It has a population of 164,649 (2011 census). Tenali is famous for its culture. It is Known as Andhra Paris because of three canals of the Krishna River flow through Tenali making it a part of the rice bowl of Andhra Pradesh. One of the canals is navigable up to Nizampatnam port. Tenali is a major railway junction connecting Guntur, Vijayawada, Repalle and Chennai. It is located 16 miles east of Guntur City and 21 miles south of Vijayawada. Great Poet "Vikata Kavi" Tenali Ramakrishna was born in a small village near Tenali.

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