Education Funding needed in Kenya

Please support our education program in Kenya, Africa. Donate to our education fund program in Kenya. The education fund is used to pay tuition for poor and social disadvantaged here in Kenya. 


Hello my friend,
I greet you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ who died for our sins and purchased for us a place in heaven. I am happy because I know you are my friend. Thank you for this this opportunity to share a short message with you.

My name is Pastor Mike I live in Kenya Africa. I pastor a church by the name Friends of Jesus Nairobi. I am requesting your support for a great cause. Our church is raising funds in efforts to pay tuition cost and fees for Bible college.

We are very interested in pursuing a degree in theology at Pan African Christian University. We are very much interested in pursuing a degree, but we are unable to pay for classes.

PanAfrica Christian University has a great curriculum in theology. This university provides a way for us to earn a degree and love the Lord at the same time. We have no outside support and are asking you to please help us.

We invite you to come here and visit us. Come see for yourself what the Lord is doing here. We invite you to open your heart and lend a helping hand to your neighbor here in Kenya.

Jesus' name Amen!

Would you please help us?
Looking forward in hearing from you! 

God bless you in advance
Pastor Mike

Pastor Michael Igunza Ovotegah
P.O. BOX 426  00202 KNH
Nairob,  Kenya
Telephone  +254 0721 404 282

+254 721 404282

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