Fig Church Ministry

Come visit Fig Church Ministries in Kisii, Kenya. We preach the word of God! Come worship with us. Join our church ministry through prayer and any donation!

Praise the Lord!
Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Pastor Isaac Nyandieka. I would like to share a short testimony with you.

I was born and raised in Kisii, Kenya. I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my savior when I was a child.  I was called into ministry and served as the assistant pastor in a small church here in Kenya where I served for six years. I am married to a wonderful wife Rose and God has blessed me with two children- MacLeod and Barbara. God has given me a gift in church organization, counseling, pastoral, and teaching the Word of God. 

Early in January 2008 God gave me a vision of a place where I was helping raising children and teaching them about the Lord. Fig Church Ministries was manifested out of that vision. I immediately resigned from my duties as assistant pastor and went to work full time for God as He instructed me.

Our mission
Our Mission is seeking God for new ways to make Jesus Christ known through evangelism, training and mercy ministries. Our primary focus is to help children and preach where the Gospel is needed.

We currently minister to over 34 families in a rented building. We have been hosting events specifically for community groups for public school teachers, and programs such as a leaders seminars youths Concert and women ministries and outreach.

Due to 2007 post-election violence whereby many died and over 600,000 displaced, the ministry helped 14 orphans with food and education.

We need help and assistance here with the Lord’s work. We need spiritual partners to help combat the satanic influences here. We need help with reaching the unsaved souls here. We need financial support to help us build a place to worship and do community activities. We need you to please help us by any way you can. Share this message with friends, family, and church members. Ask them to help us!

Our prayer is to reach out to the world and tell them about our church here in Kenya. Our prayer is to have you to visit us and help us build the kingdom of God. Our Prayer is for you to receive this message with a joyful heart and do whatever you can to help us here.

Thank you! Looking forward in your support!

Our motto: "go ye into all the world."

Fig Church Ministries
66 Gucha Code
Kisii Kilgoris Road.
40204 Kenya

Fig Church Ministries is an independent gospel ministry. We are registered with the government of Kenya under the societies act number: 26704.

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