Ghana student needs sponsors

Would you sponsor a poor student in Africa? Please help pay for education tuition for a young boy who desires a better life. Please help him become a teacher in Ghana, West Africa.

Hello There!
My name is Inusah Sulemana. I'm also known as Hassan Awal here in Ghana West Africa. I would like to share with you my hopes and ambitions about furthering my education.

I was fortunate to complete high school in 2012. I did well in all my classes below is my final grades:

                      Mathematics= C6
                      Social studies= A1
                      Business management=A1
                      English language=C4
                      Elective mathematics=C6
                      Integrated science=B3
                      Financial accounting=C4

After high school my education ended. Not because I wanted it to end, but because I cannot pay tuition and cost of college. I do not qualify for a college scholarship here due to various reasons. Even though I did well in high school, its not good enough for a scholarship.
I am asking for a sponsor so that I am able to continue my education. My father use to sponsor me, but now he is blind and as a result, he cant work. He was a peasant farmer so now that he is blind he cant work in the farm. I ask you to pray for him.
It has always been my dream to become a teacher in future. If I’m able to continue going to school, I will have to opportunity of becoming a great the teacher. My class friends whom I completed high school with are now in universities whilst I'm still in despair.
I will be very grateful if you could help here in this great need. Please sponsor me! Please find someone to sponsor me so I can get my degree and achieve my dreams of teaching the poor kids here. I ask you to please help me here so that I can help others in the future by teaching them.
Thank you very much for caring about my situation. I would rejoice to receive support to go to school. I look forward in hearing from you soon.
God bless you! 
Thanks again!

Inusah Sulemana P.O. Box 461
Tamale City, Ghana
phone number +233207122416

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