God's Forgotten Ministries

Why do American churches ignore their neighbors? Why do big mega churches like: Joyce Myers, Cleflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, TD Jakes, and Joel Osteen Ministries neglect the calling of God? Why are they neglecting the poor needy churches in Africa, Asia, and Middle East?

I would like to know why these millionaires pastors cannot go to India, Liberia, Uganda, Kenya, and a host of other poor churches and ministries and provide them with care? Why don’t the mega stars reach out and help the needy as the Lord wants us all to do?

The big American churches have neglected their duties! The Lord needs them to not preach a good sermon, but to help their neighbors. Yes, they preach a great message and talk good on T.V about helping small ministries overseas, but the truth is-- its a lie from hell! These big time preachers care less about these poor people. All they care about is revenue! Yes, its true. I hate to be a barrier of bad news, but these Big TV ministries are robbing from God in the true sense of the meaning. They are taking all the money from people and living a lavish life style in the name of the Lord!

There's too many small godly churches and ministries overseas that are literally dying for help. No one hears their cry! No one among these showtime preachers has come forward to go visit or support Christian people in desolate parts of the world. They are begging and pleading for someone-- anyone to help them, but unfortunately no one cares!

Yes, it's true you cannot help everyone, but these mega churches are grossing millions of dollars. They can afford to share it with the needy Christian churches in rural parts of the world.

If a man shuts his ears to the cry of the poor, he too will cry out and not be answered.”
Proverbs 21:13

Hope Ministry in Uganda

Pastor Joesph Kolleh in Liberia

Mfune Pastor  (Hope Family Church)  in  Nkhata Bay, Malawi

Pastor Mike (Friends of Jesus Ministry) in Kenya
Fellowship Intouch Ministries (Liberia)
                                          Hopa Christian Ministries (India)

Fig Church Ministries (Kenya)
Bethel Church (Haiti)

Pastor Rao Ministries (India)

Revival Prayer Ministries (India)
Christ Mandate  Ministries (Pakistan)

Blessed are those ministries and churches in Africa  Asia, and Middle East. Blessed are those who are doing work in Liberia, Uganda, Kenya, India. Blessed are those who are going without daily necessities, but  still worship and praise His name! Blessed are the pastors, ministers, and preachers in the small remote villages who pray daily for help and relief. Blessed are the poor and needy in  third world countries they are the meek who shall surely inherit the earth!

God is asking you to help these small ministries today!

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