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I was a Hindu in India when the Lord came and delivered me. God told me to go preach the kingdom of God to the lost souls in India! I formed a church in southeast India, in the state of Andhra Pradesh after hearing from God.

Praise the Lord !
Greetings to all of you in the Holy and only one mighty saving name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! It is a great honor and privilege for me share this message with you. We are bonded in the blood of Christ and share in the wide spread of the Kingdom of God.

I am Pastor John David Dimmili, I born and brought up from Hindu orthodox family in the village called srungavruksham, Thondangi Mandal, East Godavari District Andhra Pradesh in India. We were completely under the bondage of idols, ritual practices of since our forefathers.

I use to spend my life fully intoxicated with alcohol, smoking, watching filthy films and adultery, spoiling my life without knowing the abundant grace of forgiving Love of Jesus Christ. I never cared about the good words from my village community and parents.

In the eternal plan of God, even before the foundations of the world, one day a neighboring village pastor and the church team came to my village for outreach ministry. As I did not like Jesus Christ, I started fighting, scolding with bad language and warned the pastor to stop his ministry.

In 1996 my father fell sick critically, carried by us for all his daily needs, not able to give him proper treatment due to poverty and as a result, he died in the same year.

Again the same pastor came to my house, comforting me with great words from the Holy Bible and preached God’s word. None of the village community comforted me like this man of God comforted. Though the pastor did not see my father, but knowing that I lost my father, the pastor introduced the heavenly father and invited me to come to the church.

I understood that something new was happening in my life. As I slowly started going to the church and reading Bible, the holy scriptures from Psalms: 118:8 touched my heart.

Then I began submitting my heart listening to God’s word. The Holy Spirit started leading me to increase my faith in the Lord. I confessed my sins before the Lord and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour and Lord. I became the child of God!

I joined with pastor in the ministry, experiencing the touch of God in my life and helping the pastor in the meetings, crusades, house visiting, door to door evangelizing with much ambition. Later, I informed the pastor about my interest of joining the Bible School to be trained and learn much more about Christ Jesus. I dedicated myself to the ministry of God, I was baptized in the year of 1997. Later I left my job and went to Bangalore for studying and completed in 2001 and returned. After return I was wedded with Aruna on 26th July 2001.

Not knowing what would be the situation in the future about the ministry, food, shelter, etc... we entered into full time the ministry. But God has been faithful and just in our entire journey. Leaning on HIM and learning HIS word we started visiting villages, sometimes without food even for 5 days. Then God showed me a vision of a place called harlotry (prostitute colony) in a small town, all the families engaged in the prostitution. In the beginning, though I didn’t like to go there because of their profession, several times, God revealing the same and insisting me to preach to the perishing souls.

At last I decided to obey the God’s call and went and started my ministry midst of them. Slowly we started visiting door to door, understanding the pathetic conditions of the people, sharing God’s word, Sunday school, Sunday service, Bible classes and street meetings. By the grace of God I had great results. People responded coming to the church and meetings, experience the infilling of the Holy Spirit moving mightily.

According to many in the past 6 pastors went to this colony, having failed, returned back and the question was whether I would continue or come back? My faith was on God He showed me His plan to continue on!

Now we have above 100 members in the congregation, two branches, the result of faith in God and hard work by the leading of the Holy Spirit. People are being added to the church by listening to God’s word. Baptisms, miracles, healing and wonders are taking place continuously in the ministry!

God fulfilled his revelation by giving us this life saving ministry. He has reveled Himself here to us. I would like to offer you an invitation to come visit us. I would like to offer you the God that did great wonders here. God did wonders in our life and I am very much appreciative of His saving grace.

Friends, we ask you in Jesus' precious name to support us here. We are very grateful for any contribution or love offering you can give. Thank you for your time. I pray that we hear from you soon!

Rev. John David Dimmili
House of Prayer Association

# 6-7-15, Nehru Nagar
Beside RTC Complex
TUNI 533401, East Godavari district
Andhra Pradesh, India.

Mobile No: +91 9866950510.
Office No: 08854 290167

Bank Information
John David Dimmilli
Axis Bank No: 910010022652248
Swift code: axisinbbo76

House Of Prayer Association A/c No:
Bank of India: 865320110000038
Swift code: Bkid0008653

Make Money Order/Drafts/Checks to:
House of prayer association
Tuni, AP, India

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