My testimony of Christ Jesus

This poem is called My Testimony of Christ Jesus. It was written by Ms.Ursula Felton. This poem is about Christ's love for us. I pray you enjoy it

Testimony of Christ Jesus Love

My life would not be the same without You,
You helped me through all of my hardships.
My mind would have not been in peace
if You didn't put happy thoughts in my head.
My heart would have not known love
if You didn't show me your unconditional love.
I would have been a lonely person,
if I didn't have You in my life.
To live with you daily is a wonderful feeling!
You promised me ever since I got to know you,
that you would not leave me, and that you will be there for me when I call.
I just had to trust, be patient, have faith in You,
and wait for You to bring me out of my situation.
Christ Jesus no one, on Earth can love me like You do.
No one can be there tor me, even if they try, it still wouldn't be like You.
You are the only one that can truly understand me,
when others may judge me instead.
Your love is unconditional and I also can show that love to other people,
because of Your Love Christ Jesus,
I love You with my whole heart!

Glory Hallelujah!!!!!!!

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