Christ Mandate Minstries in Pakistan

Our church in Pakistan needs support to buy food for poor children in Pakistan. We invite you to visit us and see what the Lord is doing in Pakistan. God is delivering the lost souls in Pakistan!  

Hello Dear friend
My name is Rev Ayub M. Sagar. I am the Founder/ President & Director of Christ's Mandate Ministries in Pakistan. Christ's Mandate Ministries was founded in 1999.

I was born in a small rural village named “Kot Bhelian” its near the city Lahore. I was born in a poor family. I have five brothers and two sisters. My mom passed in 2000, but my father is alive by the Grace of God. My father was a great evangelist in Pakistan. When I was 12 years old God called me into ministry.

The Lord gave me a vision for planting churches, Bible schools, and orphanages in Pakistan right among the Muslims. God gave me the courage and strength to take on this great calling. He called me to help the poor children, disabled, orphans, crippled, and homeless in Pakistan.

God gave me a vision to improve the living conditions of children who are suffering in all areas of Pakistan. He wants me to reach to the less fortunate with a merciful heart.

One day I received a training flyer from a Pastor Samson. He had a team from Australia. I attend the training conference and at the last day of training, God called me to minster to children over the Pakistan. In 1999, I started working in Sunday school speaking to children about the Lord and self-support issues. It was the beginning of a full time ministry.

We are self-supporting ministry in Pakistan. We have no source of income for supporting our pastors, Sunday school teachers or for any projects for ministry work in Pakistan. I would like to humbly request you to become a partner. We need you to help us do the work of the Lord here. We need assistance to help us feed and clothed the hungry and needy here. We pray you help us with this great calling from the Lord by sending a small donation. Your help will save a life here in Pakistan. Help us for Christ’s Kingdom sake.

We need your prayers, fellowship, partnership, and support for the Pakistan Church. Our prayer is to have you join us here. We will be grateful to you for joining us in Pakistan. I would like to request your prayers, support, partnership, and affiliation with our church here in Pakistan.

Together we can change the world! We need your Financial Support! You can send us your gifts/ donations, grants, money through Western Union, Money Gram, or draft.

Thank you very much for your time. We are looking forward in hearing from you soon!

God bless you!

Rev Ayub M Sagar
Founder/ President & Director
Christ's Mandate Ministries-Pakistan
P.O. Box 111,
Satellite Town Rawalpindi-Pakistan 46300
Cell: +92-321-5128726

Prayers Requests

Prayers for my Family.
Prayer for a church building so that we can have services, leadership training seminars, crusades, etc.. in
Prayers for a vehicle to do outreach and evangelism in areas of Pakistan
Prayer for pastors financial support each month.
Prayer for Sunday School teachers and material for study.
Prayer for my team Monthly Salary.
Prayers for children's education program
Prayer for orphanages, Poor, disable children and families.
Prayer for church planting.
Prayer for spreading the Gospel in all areas of Pakistan.
Prayer that God touches and opens peoples hearts for the Christian people in Pakistan.

May Lord bless you there! Please visit us in Pakistan

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