Christian Orphanage in Kenya

We are a Christian Orphanage in Kenya, Africa. Our ministry cares for the needy boys and girls who have no home or family. We are praying for sponsors and donors.

Dear brethren,It is my gratitude and pleasure to introduce you to our ministry in Kenya, Africa--  Ritare Christian Orphanage! It is such a great blessing for us to come together today! 

Though we are far from you, we believe that through the grace of the mighty GOD, our Father in Heaven, we are spiritually connected.

We give honor and glory to Him for giving such a golden opportunity for us to serve the poor and needy in Kenya. We believe that the lost souls can be saved!

We are a young Christian ministry. Our population has grown from 10 to 42 members! We have 18 adults and 22 children. We need donations of food and money. We need clothing and books and Bibles. 

We are asking you for your support. Please help us here. Come visit us and see for yourself the bad living conditions our church is in. We are praying for a compassionate heart! We pray someone will reach out their hand to help a needy neighbor here! 

As the lord has connected us today, I pray He will open your heart and send a small donation. It would be a great honor in having your support. Looking forward in hearing form you soon!

God Bless us!

Ritare Christian Orphanage Center
Mako Ragira Douglas
P.O BOX 40204-157
Ogembo, Kenya

You can also make a donation through Pay Pal

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