Gospel Believers Fellowship Ministries

Pray for us! Please help us in Jesus Christ's Name! We are praying for Bibles, medical aide supplies, new or used clothing, and financial support for our Poverty Eradication Program in Kenya East Africa.

Dear Beloved
My name is Rev Robert Bushebi. I am the President of Gospel Believers Fellowship (GBF) Ministry in Kenya, East Africa. Saints, we offer you our warm greetings from Africa in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

Gospel Believers Fellowship was founded in Bungoma, Kenya, East Africa. We have more than 310 church branches in East and Central Africa under our Ministries. We started in 1968 and registered in 1978.

10 Million are Facing Famine!
We need your prayers! Pray that God opens the hearts of caring people to support our great calling here. Pray that these people will not die of starvation! We need food immediate to help prevent the death of millions.
Our prayer is that God will make a way where there is no way to provide for the poor and needy here. We cannot operate our projects without your help. Our prayer is that you tell people about our ministry and ask them to help us. Ask them to tell a friend about us and see if God blesses us with a donor.

Our orphanage project in Bungoma has 20 kids. We try to provide them with Christian literature, Sunday school material, and basic learning materials. We need Bibles and learning materials in our orphanage. We need new or used clothing for the children. We need for you to consider visiting us. Yes, come and see what the Lord is doing here for yourself. 

We extend our hand to you and other a partnership.We would like to ask your for your prayers and support. We need your help to do the Lord's work here. We ask you to lift up Jesus on your decision to help us. We were led to ask you to join us for the Lord's plan, purpose, and glory here in Kenya. We have one hope in Jesus Christ, the savior of the world and also your helping hand on to building Christ in Africa!
May the Lord bless you all for your fellowship, concern, love, prayers and sacrifice.

In His Vineyard,

Rev. Robert and Irene Bushebi
GBF Ministries Administrator.
P.O. Box 766
Bungoma - 50200 Kenya,
East Africa

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