God have Rappers in Ghana

Gospel Hip Hop group raps in Ghana! Their new song is about Independence.  The rap group dedicate their new song to all the suffering people in Ghana and around the world. Could of Been Dead is God's Theme Song for the world.

Thank you for your visit.The HIC Crew Urban Music group from Ghana. We want our music to bring about peace and harmony to the lives of our people. We want our music to help people come together. We need people to sponsor our group. We currently have songs, but cant afford to have them publish on CD.
We pray that you help us with a donation so that we are able to have CD's made. If you would like to help us please contact us or send us a small donation.

We preform urban gospel and we have other written gospels that We want the world to hear. Please help us spread our God's Theme Song. Help us buy studio time for the Lord

They are currently seeking sponsors / managers / producers
or +233277776771 and +233276107966


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