Hallow be thy Name

This is a Christian song called Hallow Be Thy Name . It was posted by a Facebook Friend. He lives in Paris, France. He posted it on Facebook while He was singing it. He created an acronym for God's glory: Why Would I Not Praise Your Name?

M Oladimeji Balogun

Hallow be Your Name
Hallow be Your Name,
Hallow be Your Name
Hallow be Your Name,
Divine Majesty
Divine Authority
Hallow be Your Name.


What do I
Have that
You have not given unto me?

What can I
Openly boast about
Unashamedly, except Your
Love undeserved and

I know of a truth that

New are Your Mercies
Onto me everyday;
The moon, the stars and all creations

Praise Your Wonderful Name, and when I too,
All Your goodness,
I join them in
Singing Glorious
Exhalation and Hallelujah unto

O Lord my God.
Unparalleled and Incomparable You are,
Rich in Kindness,

Noble, Just
Mighty in works and in deeds. Your
Excellency Lord, I have no cause not to praise Your Name.


Thou Art Worthy,
Thou Art Worthy, O Lord (Worthy O Lord)
To receive Glory, Honor and Power (and Power)
For Thou hast created all things
And for Thy pleasure
They are and were created.

By: M. Oladimeji Balogun

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