I celebrated July 4th with God!

I celebrated July 4th with God! I prayed to God for freedom from bondage! I spoke to God about suffering, sickness, and the attacks of Satan! On July 4th 2013, God declared INDEPENDENCE for His suffering people!

On July 4th 2013, I went before God on behalf of the suffering people around the world! I prayed to God and begged Him for forgiveness. I made an oath with Him. I prayed to Him for money and resources to help His suffering people around the world. He told me to declare INDEPENDENCE DAY!

Yes, I spoke to the GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH about INDEPENDENCE! I told Him to please bless me with money to help His forgotten Churches around the world! I explained to Him the bad living conditions of His poor and suffering people around the world. I prayed to God on behalf of those who have died. I prayed to God regarding the the attacks of SATAN on His people. I spoke to God on BEHALF of all the SUFFERING people in AFRICA, ASIA, and the MIDDLE EAST! God has DECLARED OUR INDEPENDENCE!

I prayed to God with all my heart. I asked Him to please forgive my sins. I told Him that I was sorry for the way the sick and suffering in the world are being ignored and neglected by the rich and famous. I prayed to heaven and ask God on behalf of all His suffering people here on earth please send blessings. I pleaded with God to bless me with financial blessings so that I’m able to help His suffering people. I prayed for INDEPENDENCE!

I cried before His throne! I presented strong evidence of suffering people in Africa, Asia, and Middle East. I presented strong testimonies of pastors doing His work. I put their cases before Him and said “Please Help Me Lord!” “Please help Your faithful servants around the world!

God please hear their cry!” “God please hear the cry of Your poor and needy people.” “Please God, send blessing to them.” “God, please heal their land and restore the broken down communities in Africa”. “God please forgive those who have not repented from their sins!”

I declared freedom from bondage! I declared Liberty! I asked God to send a miracle and show that my prayer and the prayers of His saints are not in vain. I asked for mercy on all His people over the land in Jesus' Holy Name Amen!

On July 4th 2013 I declared Satan to defended. I declared blessings of God on His People all over the world. I declared on this day Blessings and Healing on His people!

I, Tim Gillam, declared INDEPENDENCE DAY in the Name of Jesus! I rebuked the attacks of demonic forces on earth! I declare FREEDOM AND PROSPERITY for His suffering people!

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