Jesus took refuge in Africa!

This is a great Biblical truth that has never been preached in churches in the USA or around the world. The message about  Jesus taking refuge in Africa has never been taught in Bible colleges or Bible universities! Why?


Africa my great and enviable continent!
Africa the beginning of world civilization!
Africa! What could have become the rest of the world
if you hadn't taught them the need for civilization?
When God looked down from His high and lofty habitation above,
the only place He deemed fit to breed and groom
His chosen Nation (Israel) was Africa (Egypt)!
When the life of Jesus Christ was threatened as an infant by king Herod,
the one and only place fit for refuge was Africa (Egypt)!
When our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was going to Golgotha with our load of sin,
the person that helped Him bear His cross was an African!
Simon of Cyrene. And where is Cyrene today?
It is in our modern day Libya in the continent of Africa!
What about the Ethiopia Army general who was converted by Evangelist Philip?
Indeed he was an African!
Africa, my great Continent you have always been in the Agenda of God!
I challenge every theologian and preachers of the gospel
to uphold the integrity of the saving gospel of Jesus Christ in Righteousness and true Holiness.
And never feel inferior for any reason to say the truth about Africa!
Let me also say that God is looking up to His people in Africa!
God is looking for His people to take the gospel message seriously
Shake the four corners of the earth!
With the power of the Holy Spirit in preparation for the second advent of Christ!
To all black people all over the world, I want to remind you that your roots is Africa!
Never be afraid of your roots or do anything or say something negative about your roots.
Beloved brethren, I want to encourage you to bring to Africa 
what the Lord has embedded in you.
This great Continent is in need of your work.
This is concerning the end times, no place is safe under the sun!
But they that know God shall be made strong and do Greatness!
I love you! There's nothing to fear about Africa.

Apostle Israel Anthony  


  1. I'm here to tell you this story is true!! No where in my life did I ever feel God's presence as I did in the 6 months I was in Africa!! I always told the locals that God lives in Africa he only visits the USA!!! AMINA!!!


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