Prophecy from Pastor Emmanuel

I am Pastor Emmanuel. My church is Great Family of God Assembly Church in Lagos, Nigeria, (West Africa). I want to tell you about a revelation God gave me about end times on earth.

Pastor Bestman Chinedu Emmanuel

Dear brothers or sisters,
My name is Pastor Bestman Emmanuel. I am pastor at Great Family of God Church in Lagos, Nigeria. Please allow me to share a revelation that God gave me concerning the end times.

God has instructed me tell his people on earth that He created them for a purpose. But he told me that “material things have blinded their eyes not to discover their purpose on earth” see Jeremiah 1:4-5

God wants us to fulfill our days here on earth seeking His kingdom, but many have turned to money and riches, and have forgotten about the Lord. God is looking for true believers to step forward and seek the kingdom of heaven!

Many false prophets will raise and deceive people on earth telling them lies about God. False prophets are speaking now telling the world that you should believe in their leadership. They have no true fear of God. They truly believe they have the answers to your problems. But only God have the answers to our life. Only God can rule this evil world with righteous leadership.

I would like to leave you with my humbly request. I ask you to pray for me and send me an email about this message. You are welcome to call and speak to me directly. I look forward in hearing from you soon!
God Bless You!


Pastor Bestman C. Emmanuel
phone: 00 225 52 38 25

God loves you! I love you too, I send my greeting to your lovely family.

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