Beware! Satan is online!

This is a poem for all the pastors, brothers, and sisters who diligently post scripture and daily devotions about God on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. and MySpace. Your hard work helps God stay online because Satan is also online and trying to do all he can to keep you and I off line!

God is Online!

O Lord,  You there in cyberspace,
You are on Facebook , Google, and MySpace.
I know  You  are on the internet, I really do.
You have  so many servants preaching about  You.
I look for You each time I go online,
I use Google search engine to see what I can find.
When I see Your name, I quickly click the link,
I'm sharing this with You to see what You think...

"Behold, in the World Wide Web you can find Me,
I Am  also on iPhones, iPads, and the flat screen T.V.
Like a lighting bolt moving at the speed of light, 
 in seconds I visited every single site.
Every site that glorifies Me are mine,
 but BEWARE! Satan is also online.
He can deceive through an email, 
He  can cause you not know the difference 
Between heaven and hell!
Therefore, if you receive of his messages
  mark it as spam,
 and as far as Me being on the internet--
 Yes, I Am!'"

Tim Gillam

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