Satan tried to keep me off Facebook!

Facebook locked me out of my account because Facebook security features indicated that I may not be who I claim to be! As a result, they locked me out of my account for 3 days!

I had to try to identify friend's photos to regain access to my account. It was very difficult to try to identify different photos from 300 friends! But thank God I was successful in passing the security clearance! 

Basically, I personally do not care about Facebook, but due to the fact I have many great people I know on that site, I diligently worked hard to regain my account. I want to thank the few close Friends I have on Facebook who chats with me regularly. We have built a caring and trusting friendship online! I thank God for my true friends on Facebook! 

Thank God For My Facebook Friends

I Thank God for the messages and posts you share,
you always send me an encouraging word
to show how much you care...

You are my special friend,
though I never heard you speak,
the fact that we never met in person
is what makes our friendship unique...

I feel I owe Facebook my debt,
because without Facebook,
you and I may not have ever met!

God bless you!

Tim Gillam,

Inspirational Specialist

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