Save a Child in Uganda

Save a child in Uganda, Africa! The Save Children Program in Uganda provides, health care, education for the sick, poor, and needy in Uganda. Our program also provides social programs: music, dance, and sports. Our program needs donors to help provide daily care for the forsaken needy here in Uganda.

Save The Children Program was started by Mr. Joseph Kiwanuka in Uganda. The purpose of our Ministry is to save children from early deaths and minimize school dropout problems in our society here in Lweza village Uganda.

Our hope and prayer is to reach out to our brothers and sisters and join the fight in helping us in our community development program in Kampala, Uganda. The conditions are very bad, but our prayer is for you to help us save our community from deaths , poverty and social skills. Our hope is to bring the world out of darkness about the horrible conditions here in Uganda.

We do not have children centers to accommodate the abandoned orphans here. We currently have children from ages 0 -15 years old. We now have 80 children , but we are unable to provide for all of them. We need your help and support with this great project here. We would like to invite you to visit us and see for yourselves our great needs. We humbly request that you will sponsor one of our children here. We are unable to provide services for so many without your help.

We help families attain food shelter and healthcare. We provide health facilities and medicine , for the sick. We provide health check ups , Mosquito nets , and counseling. We provide music as a tool to facilitate our program. Music brings us together as development of talents and skills. We provide books ,and education materials to children as an aid to their staying in school.

We need clothing, food, and personal living items immediately. We need any amount of contribution you can make. We need for you to please tell a friend or family member to help us. Tell your pastor to contact me regarding this issue. We need material to build housing in our area. We can also use musical instruments to help us in our music program.

I pray that you will help us here. Please contact me to set up a visit. Contact me about all donations and gifts. We are in dire need of your help! Please join us in this great calling of the Lord. Please make a difference in some child’s life here.

Joseannex Messiahs Music Group LWEZA Organization

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