Sponsor a child to help orphanage in Kenya

Sponsor a child in Nairobi, Dandora Kenya. The Alliance Vision Educational Center in Kenya needs your sponsorship. Orphanage needs donors and supporters!

Sponsor an orphan or child for only $30 per month! This amount will provide food, tuition, and even writing materials for the primary orphaned child you support. A gift of $60 per month would provide support for secondary student
Alliance Vision Educational Center was founded in January 2007. Our organization's project is focused on non-formal urban schools. We provide education for the marginalized and disenfranchised children who live in the slum neighborhoods of Nairobi, Kenya.
We are a Christian based organization that has the philanthropic heart of supporting orphans. We also support the elderly and widows in the slum areas of Nairobi, Kenya. After carrying out the research, we realized that the number of illiteracy is increasing in our country and even in other parts outside of Kenya where education is a forgotten issue. This is how the Alliance Vision Educational Center came to be.
The word 'alliance' means to come together for the same purpose and 'vision'. It simply means having an idea. Alliance Vision Educational Center was formed by the people who had a great desire of providing education to less privileged children.
Our Mission Statement
Our mission is to strengthen our affiliates with social disadvantaged group’s here in Kenya. Our mission is to eradicate poverty, illiteracy and hopelessness. Our mission is to be a leading educational provider and produce God fearing children. Our mission is to make this ministry a refuge for the hopeless people in various parts of this country.
Our Appeal
We are in dire need of food, clothing, shelter and educational books. Currently we have no facility of our own are are renting a house for ministry work. We are praying for partners to help us with this great calling of the Lord. We need you to visit us or send a small offering. We trust that God he will open your heart and help us build the Kingdom of God here on the Earth. Please help us!
Contact me at:

Mr. George Otieno Sera
The Managing Director
Alliance Vision Educational Center
P.o.Box 366-00516
Nairobi-Dandora, Kenya
+254 720 621 521

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