The Mark of the Beast is in your heart!

What is The mark of the beast?  The mark 666 is anything you have consulted upon for comfort and answers other than God Himself! The "Mark" is false doctrine of the Antichrist!

You have been deceived by the Antichrist himself. The Bible points to 666 as being the mark of the beast. Revelation 13:18 
But the Bible never told you that it was a physical mark of 666. The Book of Revelations was wrote in the "spirit". see Revelation 1:10.
                        Do not believe this propaganda. 
                       This is not the marking of the beast!

Everything John revealed to us in Revelation is spiritual. The Antichrist has lead us to believe that we should look for a "marking" of 666. However, the branding of 666 on your hand and head is propaganda. It's pure lies made up by the Antichrist himself.
The marking shall be put in your hand (their literature) and on their forehead (listening to their DVDs and CD's). Revelation 13:16

The Antichrist is tagging you with "the mark" today! Yes, it's true! You may have been "marked" or tagged without even realizing it.
How can this be you ask?  Who is it that have branded you with the "mark"? 
Well, the mark is the literature you receive in the mail from the mega churches today. The mark is all their books, CD's and DVDs! You have been deceived by thinking you could find your answers in their material. When God comes and sees their "mark" upon you He will not pardon you for your disloyalty. The "mark" will determine who lives or dies. The mark shall not be in your possession.
Do not possess any of their literature: Books, CD's, DVDs. Do not try to memorize any of their wise sayings or advice for your life. Do not try to hold on or store away any of their symbols and idols they have sent you. Do not try to save any of their magazines and letters. They are not of God.  Put your loyalty and trust in God only! Consult God only for your answers do not put your trust in anything else other than the Holy Bible.

Do not call upon or turn to the Antichrist for help or assistance. Do not turn to the Antichrist for any inspirational nor devotional material. Consult with God only. Turn to God for your inspiration and devotion. Turn your complete attention to God Himself alone in prayer. Pray and ask for forgiveness if you have been deceived and "marked" by the Antichrist  Do not even utter their names as your prayer goes up before God.

You were deceived by thinking their literature has the answers to your life! No one has the answers to your life except God Himself!
Their books, CD's and DVDs are blaspheme before God Himself! You cannot find your hope there. You cannot find the answers to God there. You cannot find your the salvation in the their literature. All of your answers are found in the Holy Bible-- only The Bible!

Do not turn to the Antichrist for any advice or direction in your life. Turn and ask God only in prayer. Do not turn to their literature for your hope. Do not turn to any of their books, CD's or DVDs for any type of guidance or direction for your life. Do not try to remember any of their messages in your head. Do Not hold on to any of their marks such as: letters, books, CD's, DVDs, or anything pertaining to them.
If you still don't know or understand what is the mark of the beast, I can tell you it's all the material you received from the mega churches. All the inspirational things you got in the mail from them is the mark of the beast!

The mark is being placed in your "hand" via books, CD's, DVD's, etc... that came from the Antichrist (mega churches). Warning if you possess any of this things when God comes you will be destroyed! 

God wants us to make a decision today who will we serve? Him or the beast? I pray with all my heart you choose God. 
If you possess any of the above items immediately discard them. Quickly discard all markings you may have around your home today. Immediately burn them and turn to the real God for your answers.

God needs to know now who will serve Him today? God needs to know how many faithful he has left who haven't turned to the great whore for understanding, help, and guidance.

God needs to know now who is willing to serve Him today! The only thing you should possess in your home for your answers to life is the Holy Bible itself. You cannot possess any other type item that's from the mega churches. God needs to know who side are you on today! Do not turn to their doctrine for your hope, inspiration, or guidance. God will deliver you for your loyalty to Him.

I pray Heavenly Father that You will find one faithful soul left here on earth when you return that has not accepted the mark of the beast. Amen!

               The Lord Speaks To a Rebellious Nation
One day the word of the Lord came to me and said: "Son of man My people have turned from Me like I said they would do in the Last Days, for lo, I shall utter My judgment against their evil rebellious ways. They have mocked Me and are not ashamed nor embarrassed, indeed, I Am forgiving and do not wish to see any perish. Wherefore, son of man, these things thou shall let My people know and I shall be be yourself wheresoever thou go"

"But Lord", I said, "They turned against Moses and hung You from a tree, so what do You think these people will do to me? furthermore, You need someone who looks good and can speak well, a person like that can stop them from seeing hell!"

"Behold,  I shall plant a seed in thy mouth and it shall grow a root, the root shall grow abundantly and produce good fruit. Thou shall have a great harvest when I cultivate thy soil, and thy words shall be like fire when I anoint thy mouth with oil. I shall put in thy mouth all the words I want to say, I shall speak to this rebellious nation who has gone astray. Surely, they will not like the words you speak,  My people have been blinded by New Age deceit. Their preachers and teachers shall reap what they have sown, they have made My people turn from Me-- the only God they ever known. Their doctrine is full of lies their prophets are sinister, --indeed, they are being instructed by Satan's ministers. But thou, son of man, hear these words I say to thee, when you give this message say it comes from Me. Do not be afraid, I shall surely hold thy hand, while you deliver this urgent message all across the land"

Ezekiel 2:1-10, Romans 12:1-20,  II Cor 11:12-15, I Thes 1:7-12, II Thes 2:3-12, I Tim 1:3-15, II Tim 3:17, Heb 13:9, II Peter 2:1-22, I John 4:1-21, Rev 20:1-5

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               The Meek Shall Soon Inherit The Earth!

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