There's Only You Jesus

This poem is called "It's Only You My Lord There's Only You Jesus". It was posted by a Facebook Friend. He lives in Paris, France. He posted it on Facebook. He created an acronym for God's glory!

M Oladimeji Balogun 

It's Only You My Lord There's Only You Jesus

It's Only You
That has The Final'

Over my life and
No one else: my
Life and times are in
Your Able and Capable Hands; do it as it pleases

You in Your Excellence. For
Of all other gods, You are

My Lord and my God,
You are incomparable: You are

Love, You are Life, and You are
Of a truth, The
Reason for the seasons of the living;
Daddy, Be

Thou Glorified.
Hallow be unto Thine
Excellently Gracious Name: Father Lord, I have no other last
Resort so I can fully
Extol Your Greatness; for
Surely through

Only You can I
Never know shame in this Topsy-turvy
Life. What a Great Comforter
You are.

You are my
Only Hope and
Unto You I ascribe all Glory and Honor. My Darling

Jesus, my
El-Shaddai, my Jehovah
Sabbath, my
Unsearchable Wonder, my Only
Sure True Source and Soother

I bow down my heart, my mind, my body, my soul,
 my life unto You My King.

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