Beware of River Rouge Pawn!

Cash for Gold Pawn shop in River Rouge Mi verbally insulted me and threatened to slap me after I questioned his unethically business practices. He ripped me off by selling new my mini-iPad.

On 8/17/2013, I went to River Rouge Pawn to talk to the owner about my pawned mini-iPad. The owner (Mike) swore at me and threatened to slap me! He became angry and vicious after I questioned him about selling my mini-iPad. The iPad was over due by one week. He knew I was coming to claim my property because I had recently spoke to him. I was a prior customer who did business with him regularly. He literally bet me out of my iPad, he verbally insulted me, and threatened to do slap me!

I am posting this message to warn you. I got ripped off at this place of business. Please do not let it happen to you!

Tim Gillam

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