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Greetings in the Precious name of our Lord and Savor Jesus Christ. My name is Pastor Ramesh, I have a church in India. Please allow me share my testimony with you.

Pastor Ramesh Ghodke

My name is Pastor Ramesh K. Ghodke, I live in India in Aurangabad District in Karmad Village. The name of my church is Independent Church Karmad.
In July 2008, I came from work and went to bed, I slept peacefully. But suddenly my stomach suddenly began to hurt very badly. I did not know what was happening to me. I was weeping and crying loud about my stomach pain.

My family also began to weep with me. Immediately my parents admitted me in the hospital. And Doctor gave some medicine and tablets me to take for treatment . But nothing happened. The pain did not stop. My parents took me to another hospital and admitted me. There doctor took tests and X Rays, but they found nothing in the test or X Ray. 
Doctors were treating me, but the treatment  was not curing me! I could not eat anything when I was in hospital. I was hungry without food and water two months during time of two hospitals.
I was in great pain. My stomach was hurting very much. Finally after months the doctor said “We cannot do anything now. You can go to in another hospital or home. We did all we could do to treat you”

Again my parents admitted me in second hospital. There was the same situation. The doctor was surprised about my stomach problem. They also did a lot of treatment on me. I did not become well through their treatment either. 
I thought I was going to die because of the terrible sickness. It did not appear any hope for me to live. But God saved me from this sickness!

My parents spent thousands or dollars trying to find a cure for me. But their money could not buy me healing. My mother was very faithful telling people that “Jesus will heal my son to Ramesh”.
She prayed and prayed for me day and night and asking to God to heal her son (me). 
She called a lot of servants of God and believers to pray for me. And they did pray for me in during that time. Finally my parents brought me home. I was weak and faint. I had lost a lot of weight. I looked like a Shelton. I had no hope left that I would live. I was very weak and I could barely move. 
A voice was coming to me and saying: “You can go anywhere, but no one will be able to heal you from this sickness. I am Jesus who is your Healer. I will heal you from your sickness”.

Then I told my parents and household to pray for me because God will heal me without any doctor's help. My parents,wife and family started praying for me for around 15 straight days Day and night they prayed and finally God healed me! I said to God: “O God, if you healed me, I will serve you my whole life”. Then I confessed my sins and wept before Lord.

Each day my tears were flowing from eyes because of my sickness during time in the hospital. I had lost hope that I would live, but Jesus Christ healed and saved me from this death!
Since 2008, I dedicated all my life for His ministry. I am working independent without any regular financial support. I do God's work here as a pastor in three villages. 
I thank God that he chose me for this ministry. I would be died if God's mercy would not have came upon me. He saved me from death! He stood me on my feet again to bring the lost souls in this kingdom of God!

God Bless you!
Please support our ministry here by sending used clothing, food, and money!

Pastor Ramesh K. Ghodke
Independent Church Karmad
Karmad. Ta. District Aurangabad
Pin.431201.Maharashtra. India

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