Last Call Christian Movement

The God Sent Foundation in Ghana, Africa is hosting a world wide event for all countries of the world: China, Europe  America, Africa, Asia, and Middle East. 
The Last Call Christian Movement” is a universal revival that will have motivational speakers and pastors from all around the world! The topic of this great event is "Asking God for forgiveness!"  

"Come and experience a life changing time"!
Prophet Joesph Donkor, President
Last Call Christian Movement is a project to eradicate the world of needless suffering. The event will be held in Ghana, Africa. Our goal is to eradicate poverty and homelessness in Africa and around the world.
The primary reason why the world is in great tribulations is due to our relationship with God. This is why we are organizing this world wide event. We are asking people every where in the world to join us in this great need to call on God for help and mercy!
This special event is for all nationalities, races, and ethnic groups. This event is for all people in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe, China and every country under the sun!
Did you know you can attend this great event right from your home? Yes, you can attend by taking a moment on the day of this event and join us in prayer while we are assembling praying to God for resolutions and resolve!
on December 25th, 2013 we will be asking God to bless us and asking Him to have mercy on us! Please join this calling by sending a email telling us your commitment in eradicating this world from the bondage of Satan!
Who are God Sent Foundation?
We are the Disciples of God. We understand the fact that God created everyone with a purpose to serve in order to be served. Therefore, we are reaching out globally to support and help the needy.

To support the poor and needy. Our mission is to put smiling faces on poor and homeless families. I mission is also to provide education for the children.

We accept any donations: food, clothes, money. Please give from your heart. Thousands go to bed without food, no beds, and no Hope for the future! Please stand with us in prayer in our Lord Jesus' name!
You can make donations by PayPal, Money Gram, or Western Union. Please remember that the $1.00 you donate today, will save a child's future tomorrow.
Any contributions are accepted.
God bless you!
Joesph Donkor, president

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