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My name is Eugene, I am a Christian. I was born and raised in Singapore. I was raised in a Buddhist family. Please allow me to share a short testimony with you about my life.

Hi, I am Eugene. I am born in a Chinese and Buddhist family. I got to know Christ when I was in a secondary school, in Singapore, year 3, the last 2 years in secondary school. That time, I was having camp at school and a few of us were not asleep, and my junior, Rachael, came out of her bunk and shared with me Christ and I did not reject. 

I have a friend who is handicapped, his name is Bryan. He was wheelchair bound for 7 years. But unfortunately, I did not have enough time to share with him because I still do not know Christ and he passed away on the 25 of December 2009. it still bothers me for not being there for him/
I was addicted to porn, games and Japanese anime. But by God's grace, He bought me out of it. I asked God for forgiveness and I begin to pick up the Bible and read it. I accept Christ as my Lord and Savior!

Now, I am in a local polytechnic studying nursing. I been through the enrolled nurse course the last 2 years and I upgrade. I am also the admin of  2 Facebook Pages: House of The Lord, and God's Forgotten Ministries. I try to encourage new believers about the Lord. I try to make them see Jesus Christ  and pray for them
If you would like to receive prayer please send me email and your prayer request and I will seek the Lord for you. 

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