The Lord's Work in Pakiatan

Praise the Lord! I am Pastor Shakeel. I am servant of the Lord in Arif Wala, Pakistan. Our orphanage and church is called “Jesus Christ in Pakistan”. 

Pastor Shakeel

Hello Brothers and Sisters,
My name is Pastor Shakeel, I am from Pakistan (Middle East). 
I work with kids and teach them Bible education and provide food and shelter for the poor and needy kids. We teach education through the Holy Bible. 
We have 7 churches all around Pakistan. I try my best to reach out to as many Souls as possible here with the word of God. We have Bible conferences and Bible study 7 times every month in villages here.


We operate 5 units in Pakistan where poor Christian children are getting free education and care. We need your prayers and support in this holy mission. We ask you to become a partner or sponsor a child here. God will bless you for your great sacrifice in caring about one of the least of my brethren! 


This is my great desire that whoever, I met on this earth he/she must be saved by His grace. Amen 
Dear friend please send a small donation through Western Union at:

Shakeel Amanat or Amanat Masih
1/J House #. 2/J Block. J Christian Colony
Arif wala, Pakistan 57450
Your Brother in Christ,
Pastor Shakeel Amanat

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