The Perfect Knowledge of God

The perfect knowledge of God opens the carnal knowledge inner eyes and ears of understanding to enter the heavenly Jerusalem city / kingdom from the earthly Jerusalem city / kingdom through the NEW COVENANT Bible scriptures by the enabling of the Holy Spirit. 2 Corinth 3: 5-6, James 1: 18-21, 1 Corinth 1: 18-31.

Pastpat Bwayo

Yes! God has chosen us at this hour to minister the knowledge and wisdom of the kingdom of God. We should not expect other people to do so for us because the inheritance is given to us through the promised New Covenant Bible. We are the chosen special people to usher in the knowledge and wisdom of God to people who are darkness of the word of God taught by human carnal knowledge(s) of FLESH. John 1: 1-18, John 3, Deuto 4:1-9. 1 John 2: 7-8, 1 John 5: 7-8, 1 Peter 2, Isaiah 45: 7-8. Use KJV Bible.

The question now is how do I help you and the brethren? Second question is how do you help me to preach the Gospel?

I pray to God to anoint your soul's understanding to know the heavenly Jerusalem invisible things so that you can be able to separate them from the Historical Bible Jerusalem earthly visible things that veil or overshadow the heavenly Jerusalem invisible things. By the revelation knowledge of God in our fellowship with the Holy Spirit all over the world, we pray that you will be bold to share the knowledge of God revealed to you without compromise.

The mystery of getting more knowledge from God is to share what you have been revealed by God which prompts God to give you more knowledge of interpreting the scriptures in His inspired perfect knowledge. Your soul must be surrendered place where the river of eternal life of the knowledge and wisdom of God flows to reach millions of other souls.

If you do not allow the flow of the river of God’s knowledge to flow, your soul will not get more knowledge and wisdom from God because your soul becomes stagnant pool.

If you would like to send financial help to support us make tracts that will be distributed free to reach thousands of souls, please indicate so and I will send you a format to sending funds to my account.

I end by saying unless you are wiling to allow the knowledge of God to flow through you to other souls; you can not receive more knowledge and wisdom of God. You are like a stagnant pool of water that does not receive the in flowing flesh water and has no outlet flow that results into water (WORD) that becomes polluted.

I am grateful for those who have sent in funds to help us minister the kingdom of God. I am sure you are doing so after realizing the need for the ministry of the Holy Spirit to interpret the Bible scriptures for millions of tired souls all over the world that yearn to receive God's perfect knowledge and wisdom.

God Bless you!

Pastor Pastpat Bwayo
P.O Box 1255
Mbale , Uganda, East Africa.
256- 782-612426

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  1. Thanks Tim for posting this message on this site on my behalf. The Lord God our Father bless you with the knowledge and wisdom of His Spirit so that you can be able to read and interpret the Bible with His power for souls worldwide to be saved from Earthly Jerusalem city/ kingdom into Heavenly Jerusalem city/ Kingdom. I pray and rebuke the evil one not to tempt you beyond your ability to resist the carnal knowledge god of this world. 2 Corinth 4: 1-6...18, 2 Corinth 5: 16, Isaiah 29: 11-24, Gal 4: 21-28, Col 2: 10-23, 1 John 2: 7-8.
    Pastor Patrick Bwayo.


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