A Special prayer to God

This is a special prayer to God. "Lord, I pray and ask You Heavenly Father; who will feed the poor and needy?  Where is help for the sick and suffering?" God's answer is: "Do not despair! Relief is coming soon"!


The Faithful Few

O Lord, I come to You in a special prayer,
please take away the great burdens the poor have to bear,
O Lord, can't You hear the poor and needy cry?
Lord, do you see how many suffer the in world and die?
  Lord, there is great anguish all over the land, 
did you intent for hardships when you created man? 
O Lord,  why did You make the world this way? 
Why, O Lord, are You allowing this great evil go on today?

“Behold, whosoever put their trust in Me is like a tree that bears good fruit, the tree will never wither away because of life in the root.  But whosoever rejects Me is like a tree planted in sand,
when a great storm comes the tree will not be able to stand.
I prophesied that the world will become worse and worse,
but I shall create a new earth for those who has kept Me first,
There is an adversary seeking whom he may devour,
he has caused the great suffering you see this very hour.
 Get behind Me Satan, you are a lair!
to see My people suffer is not My desire.
 I shall bless them because they have put your trust in Me,
I shall do a great thing for them just wait and see.
I declare, I will not forget not one,
I will say to each faithful servant 'Good job well done!'”

Genesis 3:13, Deut 10:12-13, 30:19-20, II Chron 7:13-14, Proverb 1:28-32, 2:22, Isaiah 55:6-13, Ezekiel 7:3-27. Jeremiah 17:13, Romans 3:10-18, Thess II Timothy 3:1-4, Revelations 3:8-13, 9:19-21

Tim Gillam

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