Christian Missionary in Tongo

Christian Church in Togo, West Africa prays for donations. Missionary Church in Togo West Africa needs donors. In the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, please consider helping them!

Hello my name is Pastor Nyonato. I am pastor at Welcome Home Missionary Church in Togo West Africa. I am sending you greetings from Tongo in the name of the Lord and ask for your help!

God bless you!
I pray Father in heaven allows you to help us in great need here. Each time we pray and fast that God sends help. We need support here so that we can provide care and assistance to the many souls that are without clothes and food.
We have no money or support from outside world. Our economy is very poor here. We pray daily for help. I please ask you to join us by helping us in any amount of donation you can. 
Please show your kindness to those in need! I pray that God opens the doors of heaven and grant you a financial overflow of blessings if you are willing to help us in faith!

I trust Jesus Christ in His saving name that you will find compassion and send support. The Lord is the only one who can save us. But we are confident that we will find a caring heart to help us here. All I can do is cry unto the Lord Jesus for help! 
Prayer Request!
Pray for our missionaries and their needs in the missions fields. Pray for me especially because God gave me a great vision and project, and I waiting for His provisions.

Short Testimony
Lome is the capital of Togo. There are some corners where you can find girls 13 to 20 years old who prostitute. I talked about Jesus with them. When I listen to them talk, I learned that most of these young people are orphans and there is no one to teach them. So I understood the reason why they left the village to seek a better life in Lome the capital of Togo. I am here to make a difference in their lives.

If you want to support this project, please contact me for further information:
Evangelist Nyonato Yawovi 13
P.O. Box 79
Lome 13 Togo
Phone: +22890319320
+228 99467150
May God bless you! If you want to help us this is our bank details:
Bank: ECOBANK City : Lome Country : Togo IBAN : T00550100470401 1140653500107
By western union:
Address: Name: NYONATO Surname: Yawovi City: Lome Country: TOGO Phone: +22890319320 / +22899467150 Email:

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