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What is the 2nd largest Islamic nation in the world? Pakistan! Our Christian ministry is among hostile Muslims in Pakistan who opposes Christ, but we are confident that through your prayers we shall overcome all adversity! 
Alpha International Ministries is a non-denominational Church in Pakistan. We have been commissioned to win millions of lost souls in Pakistan.  Since 2007, we have been bringing a message of love, peace, and the hope of Jesus Christ to Pakistan people.

"The mission of my life is to glorify God by conforming daily to the likeness of Christ, living carefully as a faithful husband, father and an obedient servant of the gospel, and to be used by God to bring as many unsaved as possible to Christ and disciple them."

Our vision
Our vision is to reach millions of lose souls in Pakistan  through Gospel crusades, Evangelistic outreaches, literature outreach, and mass media.  We train and equip native leaders of Pakistan, through leadership conferences, training camps, seminars and teaching materials such as books, audio tapes etc. We demonstrates the love of Christ through strong compassion ministries like child homes, medical centers, schools as well as development projects to ease the polite of the disadvantaged and less-privileged in the marginalized communities in Pakistan. We also share God’s love and Christ’s compassion with the victims of natural and man-made disasters through relief and rehabilitation projects.

Our Ministry Provides
                                                             FREE BIBLES DISTRIBUTION

                                                              LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT

                                                              LITERATURE MINISTRY

                                                             CHILDREN MINISTRY

                                                              HUMANITARIAN AID

About Pakistan
Pakistan is the 2nd largest Islamic nation in the world with more than 180 million souls. 97% of the population is Muslim. Christians make up 1.7 % of the population and suffer more than any other ethnic or religious group. They have to face religious discrimination, religious intolerance, oppression, social subjugation and economic deprivation. Key jobs are restricted for Christians in Pakistan. Therefore Christians are less privileged and backward. The growing body of believers continually struggles under government persecution, because it is officially illegal for Muslims to convert to Christianity. Pakistan is in the very heart of the 10/40 window, the geographic area where 95 % of the unreached people of the world live. Between Afghanistan, Iran, China and India, Pakistan is a strategic nation. After the 9/11, Pakistan has become the focus of the world. Pakistan is a country with different cultures, languages, people groups, economical backgrounds etc. Pakistan has a desperate need for assistance in evangelism, Church planting, literature outreach, leadership training and strengthening the local Church. 90 % of the newly planted churches and new believers need a place to worship and fellowship. A shortage of Bibles, Gospel literature, faith-based books, Indigenous missionaries and training material makes it difficult for Christians in Pakistan to grow in their faith and sustain relationship with Christ. More than a half of Pakistan's population has never heard about Jesus!

Rev. Niser Aslam

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