Become a volunteer today!

Become a volunteer for charity work! Please help us raise funds for orphanage program. We need a great fund raising project for the poor and needy in Uganda!

God Bless you!

My name is Pastor Moses Luzinda Najjukiraga, I am from Mukono, Uganda. Thank you for taking the time to view this page. I would like to share the Goods News about what the Lord is doing here in Uganda at the Word Mission Church.I am the senior pastor and founder of Word Mission Church here in Uganda. We are preaching to lost souls with the Word of God. We are providing child care, education and empowering the poor and needy here daily. Our mission is to partner with you. You can help by offering your time or volunteering with us. We highly welcome international volunteers with the passion of helping those who need help especially the most vulnerable within our poor community.

We run an orphan sponsorship program here. We provide opportunities to the most vulnerable children. We provide education through God's provision. We provide their school fees and scholastic materials such as books and paper. You can  help by sponsoring an orphan's education. We also will be extremely grateful if you will inform your friends and family about our program.
We go in difficult areas preaching the word of God, helping the sick and afflicted children, elderly and widowers.We give food, clothing's, scholastic materials, medication, bedding, clean water, and financial empowerment.The need is great for partners, donors, and sponsors.Together we shall declare victory in the name of Jesus!
I am praying and  waiting for this great manifestation. You are welcome to join us to make a difference in the world! Together we can do it! Just for God!
We are focusing at improving our services  and acquiring new ideas from gifted skilled men and women of God from developed countries. We would like to engage in new ideas and exchange communication to achieve a great team!
Our prayers are that you will call or email us about this proposal. Thank you for the any encouragements that you may wish to share with us. Please contact me about a new project that we can accomplish together today!

"He came to His own and His own did not receive Him"
(John 1:11)

 Yours is a Crown in Jesus' Name!

Pastor Moses Luzinda Najjukiraga 

Word Mission Church
P.O. BOX 218 
Mukono, Uganda.
+256 396 834 296

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